The folks at the Alliance for the Arts in NYC asked for, and received, comments from all the candidates for Mayor about their views on arts issues… including arts education. An interesting read! Check out all the responses via the link below!

The Alliance for the Arts asked candidates for City office in the 2005 elections to respond to five questions on cultural policy. The questions concern the role of City government in New York's cultural life, ranging from funding cultural organizations to promoting arts education and cultural tourism.
Cultural endeavor is New York's most popular activity%u201426 million in attendance in 2004, according to a new Alliance for the Arts study. The arts are a vital sector of the city's economy and neighborhood life. Alliance research has shown they had an economic impact of $13 billion in 1995 and generated 40,000 jobs. Almost half of the 30 million tourists to New York City come for the arts.
The City of New York is an important cultural funder. The current Department of Cultural Affairs budget of $131.6 million represents .26 percent of the total City budget. At the same time, the City is a major funder of cultural building projects%u2014$836.4 million for 161 organizations over the next four years.

2005 New York City Candidates Respond to Survey on the Arts (