If the Governor of Florida is call for a system with more "relevant learning opportunities" is it fair to say he feels that arts education is an "irrelevant" learning opportunity?

Gov. Jeb Bush's proposal to dramatically overhaul Florida's education system would give him a much stronger hand in turning around struggling schools, force educators to rethink their priorities for fine arts and physical education and require middle-schoolers to pick college-like majors.
The sweeping changes are starting to make their way through the Legislature, generating controversy, but already gaining a key endorsement from the House Pre-K-12 Committee.
In their 107-page bill, the governor and his supporters say they want to mold Florida schools into a tougher, more career-oriented system that gives children "relevant learning opportunities."
Opponents have drawn their own battle lines, focusing on the bill's intent to eliminate physical education and fine arts courses from high school graduation requirements, and its plan to let the governor usurp school districts and reform chronically failing schools on his own.

Essential Skills… Relevant Learning Opportunities… Career Centered Learning… these are all fancy new buzz words for the three arts, basic skills, and core subjects of the past.
This is the beginning of the assault on arts education graduation requirements. Ohio is proposing something similar. This is NOT a trend we want to see take root!
Full Story: Gov. Bush wants to stress career-oriented education over arts, PE: South Florida Sun-Sentinel

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