OK… who would have thought that the descision to vote for one candidate or another in the NJ Governor's race (still going on as I type this) would come down to "who's your favorite rock band?"
But, for on enterprising voter.. this was the question as posted on politicsnj

"I'm voting around 5:30 p.m. Here is my sole issue: What is Forrester and/or Corzine's favorite rock band? In all the hubbub over who they're dating or formerly married to, no one has answered this question."
The undecided voter added that if one of the candidates picks one band in particular, he can get his "wife and two girlfriends to vote for them too." (Not clear if he means the girlfriends of his wife, or girlfriends of his own).

Things are so tight with this election that each campaign's main spokesperson responed… within 30 minutes with an answer!
So, as my last Homer public service of this election cycle… here ya go:
Jon Corzine: Corzine strategist Tom Shea reports that his candidate's favorite rock band is The Band. "Although we are rockin' some Cream," he adds.
Doug Forrester: "Moody Blues & U2," says communications director Sherry Sylvester. (Does Forrester have two favorites for everything??)
Neither guessed correctly. The "magic" band that would have delivered the undecided voter's wife and girlfriends (Jethro Tull was).
So who was the winner?

Our undecided voter has made up his mind. He wants to remain anonymous (probably because, as it turns out, his two girlfriends are not friends of his wife) but he has reviewed the candidates' favorite rock bands and decided to go with…Corzine.
As you may recall, Corzine's pick was The Band, while Forrester went with U2 and The Moody Blues. Here's our voter's explanation:
"The Moody Blues and U2 won't hack it. You can't like a progressive rock band and an anti-progressive rock band, it's just like saying the Eagles and the Giants are your favorite football teams. If Corzine wins by between 1 and 4 votes, this is the reason. Thanks again from me, my wife, and my two girl friends!"

The power of music!

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