Here is the first media coverage on the World Premiere of CLASS ACT.

The three documentaries will be making their world premieres.
''We're very excited,'' says Class Act director Sara Sackner, who was still putting the finishing touches on the film last week. “Jay has had such a huge impact on so many Miami people, it's a natural place for us to launch the film.''
Sackner, along with producer Heather Winters (who was the executive producer of Supersize Me) is a former student of Jensen's, as are noteables such as actor Andy Garcia, film director Brett Ratner and Univision Music executive Jose Behar.
Sackner (class of '76) and Winters (class of '80) met at a reunion in Los Angeles in March 2003 and found they both had the idea to make a documentary about their remarkable teacher. They teamed up and soon discovered the story was much bigger than they had first thought, "Arts programs like the one that had such a huge affect on us are being slashed from school budgets all over the country, some schools have none at all. It's really a national story.''

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