You know the feeling… we have all been there (well… most of us). The distain you feel from the superior gaze that comes from someone after you tell them "I was a music major in college." Like choosing a career path in the arts was some sort of scarlet letter. For me, it was worse. Admitting that I was not only a music major but a drummer brought out instant ridicule, and major outbursts of laughter… followed by the obligatory bad drummers joke (insert your favorite drummer joke here).

You also know the feeling of the tremendous amount of restraint it takes to keep you from smacking the smug look off of the face of the person with whom you converse.

Be silent no more! Bart Mills gives a great backhand on behalf of all of us who have ever been on the receiving end of the snide "You were a MUSIC major in college" response in his hilarious editorial commentary for the Lima News: Confessions of a college music major

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