We have been busily researching the latest music stories for our readers and the reoccurring theme we have found is: Holiday Stuff!
So here are some fun, sometimes sarcastic, always interesting stories to share:
Do you hear what I hear? There has been no controversy this year
That’s what one New Jersey paper had to say regarding the programming of school holiday music (New Jersey being the center of the universe when it comes to school holiday concert controversy – see below)
Curtis & Kuby High School Christmas Carol/Chanukah Song Contest
If your from the New York Metropolitan area then you may have heard of WABC’s morning show host Curtis (of Guardian Angles Fame and self described conservative) and Kuby (self described liberal defense attorney.) Well they decided they would hold a contest. The reason?

Some schools are so "PC" that they won't even let their students sing Christmas Carols or Chanukah songs anymore! Here at 77WABC, we think that is just plain STUPID. So for the second straight year, we've teamed up with our friends at Electronics Expo to bring you the great Curtis & Kuby High School Christmas Carol/Chanukah Song contest!

Yep… nothing says Christmas like a good PR stunt.
The Greatest Christmas Songs of All Time
Hey, who can resist another count down list! Here we have the top 5 GREATEST CHRISTMAS SONGS OF ALL TIME!Oh, and for good measure… they through in the worst! Hear’s a hint: Simply Having…
Now it is stuck in your head and you have me to blame. A little holiday gift to you!
Most Played Holiday Songs on Radio Last Week
Since all the radio stations in the country went to an ALL HOLIDAY mix sometime around, oh, let’s say… THE FOURTH OF JULY… the good people at MediaGuide have been tracking the playlists and have released a list of the most played songs from the last week.
All I can say is… THAN GOD FOR HALLOWEEN. This is the only thing keeping the beginning of the Holiday Shopping, Music, and mass commercialism season from creeping into LABOR DAY.
Don’t get me wrong… I LOVE the holidays. I just don’t want them to go on for four months!
To all of our readers…
Merry, Merry, Merry,
Happy, Happy, Happy,
Busy, Busy, Busy,
See you next year!

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