Here are some of the comments we are receiving about the merger:
“The merger of Music for All and Bands of America is a highly significant development for music education in America,” notes Sir Ken Robinson, well-known author and one of the world’s foremost authorities on creativity. “I know, through my own work and collaboration with Music for All, just what a powerful force it has become for music in schools. Under the driving leadership of Bob Morrison, it has combined vision and passion with a hard headed approach to effective research and informed advocacy. Bands of America has a distinguished record in supporting and promoting music practice throughout the United States. The merging of these two proven agencies into a single united force is very good news for students, educators and musicians across the country and for education as a whole.”
“In spite of most people instinctively knowing the benefits of music, far too often music programs are the first to be cut when schools have budget problems,” notes Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, past chairman and current board member of the National Governor’s Association and the Education Commission of the States. “That’s why I am excited that Music for All and Bands of America have united under the label Music for All, Inc. The merger of these two outstanding organizations will create one of the largest organizations in America engaged in making music,” adds Huckabee, a long time music and arts education champion. “Music for All, Inc. will provide a mechanism to connect those who develop policy with those who will implement that policy on a large scale. With the outreach capabilities of this new ‘policy meets practice’ organization, music programs should never again be on the chopping blocks in our schools.”
“We have worked closely with both organizations in the past,” said Joe Lamond, president and CEO of NAMM, the International Music Products Association, “and we fully support this merger and the strong leadership of Scott McCormick and Bob Morrison.”