Governor Mike Huckabee continues to push the issue of music and arts education as a central cause of his campaign for president. Although he has voiced his frustration that education has not come up in the debates as much as it is brought up by voters on the campaign trail.
After three presidential debates and not one question on education – Governor Mike Huckabee made it clear why he was so eager for someone to discuss the education issue and why he, a Republican, would appear at an NEA convention.
He spoke about his vision for education, the role of music and arts have inspiring our children's creative thinking, personalized learning, and the terror our nation faces if our citizens do not have a quality education.
There were six… count them… SIX standing ovations.
No other candidate mentioned the arts. I hope others will soon join the discussion. In the mean time the music and arts education community has at least one candidate willing to promote our cause. This is a major step forward for the field!
Short Video from the NEA:

NEA Speech Highlights
From thee NEA news release:

Mike Huckabee, the first Republican presidential candidate to accept NEA’s invitation to address the Representative Assembly, said he might look “as out of place as Michael Moore at the NRA convention,” but education is an issue that must cut across party lines. The presidential debates have focused heavily on national security, he said, but “there is another issue of national security, and it is the education of our children.”
Heavy emphasis on testing has led to a narrowing of school curriculums, and Huckabee said this contributes to the national dropout crisis: students need access to subjects that excite them. “Every student in the United States of America should not be denied the opportunity and the obligation to study music and art as part of his or her education,” he said. “We’re leaving a lot of kids’ talents behind by denying them the opportunity to experience their creative self.”

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