Who would have thought music education would enter the battle over prop 74 in California. Well it has. This is the Mercury News (San Jose) analysis of the ad:

_ Title: "Stop Playing."
_ Length: 30 seconds.
_ Airing: Began Tuesday in major markets.
Dominant image: Stephanie Floyd-Smith, seventh-grade teacher, sitting in a classroom, speaking directly to the camera, cuts to parent Renee Smith, standing in front of a playground.
Teacher: "Gov., you've already broken your promises on education. Now you're sponsoring Proposition 74, a ballot measure that allows one principal to fire a teacher without giving a reason, or even a hearing, without doing anything to improve teacher training.
Parent: "Parents like me are voting no on Prop. 74 to send the governor a message: Stop playing politics with our schools, and get to work on smaller class sizes, up-to-date textbooks and restoring music and art classes, the things our kids really need."

Now… if only they woud get serious about "restoring music and art classes.
Full story:
AP Wire | 10/05/2005 | Governor's campaign asks stations to pull anti-74 ads