One of the activities we have become known for is our efforts to see where candidates for elected office stand on the arts in general and music and arts education in particular.
It is no secret that this years campaigns for President are already. One candidate, who has been a friend to Music for All as well as a personal friend of mine is one of those folks running for President, Mike Huckabee. Since I admit to having a personal bias for him, and to ensure all the candidates receive fair coverage, I have set up a blog specifically focusing on Mike Huckabee's support for arts education.
We are in the process of inviting ALL of the candidates to share their positions (and hopefully passions!) for the arts so we may share them with you. We will profile each candidate over the next few months based on public records to allow each of you to form your own opinion and make informed decisions as you look for a candidate to support.
I admit it… I Like Mike. To learn about WHY I like Mike click here!

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