I must admit, I was intrigued by the idea the first time I heard of podcasts a little less than a year ago. When Apple brought podcasting to the public’s attention in June I became even more interested in the idea. I do a lot of writing (for this blog, for magazines, for other projects) and our news services force me to stay on top of all the music and arts education news from around the country. I have lots of material at my fingertips.
But the technology to create a decent podcast seemed to be out to be just out of reach. Not because of money… it was more ignorance.
GarageBand 3 changed all that. It made it easy to unleashed the caged podcaster within!
So, keeping the same name as my magazine columns we have launched From the Trenches a bi-weekly audio magazine covering the news headlines, news events, and newsmakers impacting the music arts education world.
In our first episode we look at:

President Bushes FY2007 budget and the impact on arts education
We explore what issue is literally weighing on the minds of arts educators in Texas
Rant about a Denver Post Editorial supports the elimination of arts programs in DPS Public schools
And in our feature story we look at the California $100 million proposal that could change the landscape for arts education in California public schools and across the nations.

Take a listen!
To subscribe to the podcast follow your software’s instructions (iTunes, etc,) and use the url
To download the complete show (an 8 MG – MPEG4 File) click here!
We would love to know what you think!

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