After several months of planning I am happy to announce that Mike Danforth… the founder of MTD Marketing and I have put all our work together to create Quadrant Arts Education Research…
The press follows:

Market Intelligence for a Change:
Industry Veterans Launch Quadrant Arts Education Research

New Cause-centered Research and Analysis Company to Service Businesses,
Arts Organizations and Government Agencies

April 3, 2009 – Colorado Springs, CO and Warren, NJ – Mike Danforth and Bob Morrison, two well-known arts industry veterans, have joined forces to create Quadrant Arts Education Research, a national leader in arts education research, analysis and market intelligence serving the cultural, commercial, educational and governmental sectors.

Recognizing the influence of quality data and information to create positive change in business and society, Quadrant is committed to providing the most comprehensive quantitative information and analytics.
The new cause-centered company unites pioneers in two related fields. MTD Marketing Founder Mike Danforth developed his company into the nation's premier music and arts education marketing specialist. Bob Morrison, a nationally recognized music and arts education leader, has developed several music philanthropies. Most recently, Morrison led groundbreaking research on music and arts program access on behalf of several state departments of education, arts councils and highly regarded foundations.
Validating Change, Informing Advocacy
“Quadrant was formed to address the substantial need for more comprehensive data, analysis and tracking systems on school music, theatre, dance and visual arts programs nationwide,” says Danforth. “By combining forces, we can make this happen far more quickly and efficiently.”
According to Morrison, “Quadrant represents the culmination of our shared passion for research and data as a tool to improve and expand access to music and arts programs for students, while also helping businesses become more efficient in their approach to the market.”
Quadrant’s powerful combination of research and market expertise has resulted in the nation’s deepest arts education knowledgebase, complemented by unmatched analytical capability, serving all aspects of the performing arts industries. Quadrant Arts Education Research is the successor company to MTD Marketing.
The Nation’s Most Comprehensive Arts Education Database
At the heart of Quadrant Arts Education Research is the company’s Arts Education Data Center, the nation’s most comprehensive visual and performing arts education database. Dance, music, theater and visual arts information is gathered and maintained for more than 120,000 public and private schools, and nearly 15,000 school districts providing arts courses. This proprietary data has been combined with the most robust economic, demographic, and educational data sets to provide unparalleled analysis and reporting capabilities to serve a variety of governmental, cultural and commercial applications.
Improved Marketing ROI for Commercial Clients
Quadrant Arts Education Research offers a host of services to help commercial clients improve their return on investment in marketing. Using the most up-to-date arts education database, customers are empowered to target very specific school profiles with their messaging.
Customer database profiling, customer relationship management systems, customer and market segment surveying, direct mail targeting and customer segmentation are just a few of the services offered, and many are available to clients through an online ordering system.
Sparking Systemic Improvements in Arts Education “Access and Equity”
In the governmental sector, Quadrant Arts Education Research is at the forefront of defining “access and equity” of music and arts education. The Quadrant methodology for analyzing and presenting access data for states has become a catalyst to create systemic improvements for music and arts education.
The new company already hosts several statewide grants and contracts including the states of New Jersey, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, New Hampshire and Arizona with several more in negotiation. National surveys for the State Education Agencies Directors of Arts Education and other educational organizations has further solidified Quadrant’s leadership role in the field.
The new company maintains offices in Colorado Springs, CO and Warren, NJ. For more information, visit
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About Quadrant Arts Education Research:
Historically, the Quadrant was a navigational device used by early maritime pioneers to explore the uncharted territory. Utilizing Quadrant analysis in its methodology, the company serves the four major arts disciplines: music, dance, theater and visual arts. Likewise, the firm’s philosophy comprises four interconnected quadrants: Research (data) informs Advocacy, Advocacy Informs Public Policy, Public Policy Creates Change, Change creates more arts education for students. Learn more at

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