When I speak the concept of "music for all" the all part means just that… all. All people. All ages. All backgrounds. This story from the NY Times highlights a particular group – baby boomers – we focused on more than a decade ago. I was at NAMM and put together NAMM's "Weekend Warrior Program" with Joe Lamond… both featured in this article. This story reinforces the power of music… for everyone!

DARREN REIS isn’t opposed to the band practice that takes place in his house every Tuesday night. But there’s only so much loud rock music he is willing to tolerate. So when the umpteenth rendition of the Monkees’ “Last Train to Clarksville” starts rattling the windows, he goes downstairs, knocks on the door and makes his entreaty: “Dad, do you think you guys could keep it down? I’m trying to study.”
The classic American midlife crisis has found a new outlet: garage-band rock ’n’ roll. Baby boomers across the country — mostly middle-aged dads who never quite outgrew an obsession with the music of their youth — are cranking up their amps and living their rock ’n’ roll fantasies.

The Boys in the Band Are in AARP – New York Times