Well this sure is something. Three months ago… two months ago… heck even just last week arts education advocates would have NEVER bet that the Governor of California would provide ANY additional funds for music or arts education… let alone $100 million worth. But rolling off his lips in last night's "State of the State" address it there for the whole world to see:

In education, the budget I will introduce next week will propose immediate repayment of the entire $1.67 billion in Proposition 98 money. Now this, in addition to an automatic budget increase of $2.3 billion, will be the largest increase in funding in education's history. Now I propose that we use part of this money so that children once again can have art, music and physical education in our schools.

But right now… these are just nicely transcribed words. Next week the budget bill will drop with the proposed funds included. Now the real game begins.
Can all those concerned about music and arts education in the state of California generate enough political clout to help push this bill into law with the music/arts education funding in tact?
Only time will tell. Now that the rejoicing about being included to begin with is subsiding… the real work begins.
The chance to secure the first major investment in arts education in the state of California in more than TWO generations is now before us.
Time for everyone to get off the sidelines and get into the game!
thedesertsun.com | Text of governor's State of the State address

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