I know… I have been gone a long while. Things have been a little crazy with work, our ongoing research and the one thing that has set me back the most, the passing of my father.
Just after my last post my father was admitted to an ICU unit in Connecticut for the latest battle with cancer. As he battled for his life it became clear he would not recover and all we could do was be to find a way to make him comfortable for his final days/weeks. We brought him to a hospice facility near my house in late May. He died on June 21st… the day after my birthday.
Everyone goes through loss at one point in time in their life or another. Everyone deals with it differently. I found that for myself, I need to immerse myself with my family. Stay focused on accomplishing my responsibilities at work and, as a result, to the broader arts education community. But, my writing had to take a back seat.
As everyone comes back from summer vacation and prepares for the new school year, I too am returning from my hiatus to take care of my family with a renewed sense of what we all need to accomplish. I do not have the answers… yet… but I do know the questions to ask.
So to my loyal blog readers (and those not so loyal)…
Ready or not… here I come!

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