As I was surfing around the net checking out the news I stopped off at the Daily Kos to see how they may be covering the Republican Presidential Debate in Baltimore. I must say I was disappointed by ALL of the coverage, or lack there of, about this gathering of candidates that promised to focus on more issues than the war. For keeping score this was the 6th Republican debate and STILL NO SUBSTANTIVE QUESTIONS ON EDUCATION. Last night they almost asked one. But, it was really a question regarding the Supreme Court ruling on Affirmative Action and the impact on education. But… I digress!
As I scrolled through the Daily Kos homepage I stumbled upon this satirical commentary by one of the blog main blogger, Hunter. As I started to read, I started to laugh and the laughs just kept on coming.

The Obvious Greatness of My Presidential Candidate by Hunter
I would like to take a moment to tell you all about why I favor my candidate for President of the United States. My candidate has made many statements on issues, has drafted many proposals for moving this nation forward, and has attended many locally significant gatherings. But none of that is particularly important, and it would be a waste of time to dwell on it. I would rather highlight the obvious greatness of my Democratic candidate by noting that your Democratic candidate is shamefully inferior. In fact, all the arguments for my candidate can be boiled down to the transparently obvious: my candidate is not your candidate, and your candidate, to put it bluntly, sucks.

The reason this is so funny is because it is so close to the truth when it comes to political discourse in this country today. The last statement above sums things up perfectly. It’s funny… but also a little sad. One would hope as a nation we could do better than that.
Of course… if the candidates would spend a little bit of time focusing on education and our next president would actually do something constructive about it… maybe this would improve the level of political, and social, discourse in this country.
That's my opinion and if you do not agree you can go…
Daily Kos: The Obvious Greatness of My Presidential Candidate

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