Back Stage at Carnegie Hall!
Back Row: Scott McCormick (Music for All), Bob Morrison (Music for All), Joe Lamond (NAMM), Middle Row: Mary Luehrsen (NAMM), Leslie Stifelman (Exec. Producer), Diane Kolyer (Producer), Dolores Morris (HBO), Matt Carter (Music for All) Front Row: Qaasim, Elena, Guyland, Tyler and Nathan (The stars of The Music in Me)

Music for All, NAMM and the producers are interested in YOUR feedback about the the HBO Documentary The Music in Me. What did you like? Could you use this show for other purposes? How? Any feedback, ideas, questions or comments can be posted in our comment section below.
So… Tell us what you think!
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  1. Hi,
    This is Robby. I played with Guyland Leday at Carnegie Hall for the screening of THE MUSIC IN ME. Guyland’s website is I recently released a cd by Guyland called “BE MY GIRLFRIEND”. I want to send a copy to the six kids that was at Carnegie Hall. Could you forward this email to Nathan, Elena, Una, Quaasim and Tyler? I’m still excited about the documentary. Love every minute of it.
    I hope this message can be given to Diane and Leslie
    Thank You Much

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