We are back from Vermont and ready for a full agenda. This week we are launching our WearBlue: Support Music Education campaign, taking on the WhyMusicEd newsletter, opening a new online store, finalizing the survey instrument for the New Jersey Arts Education Census Project, and preparing The Sound of Silence II: The State of Music Education in California Public Schools.
There are lot's of news headlines we are going through (and plenty of fodder for the blog!)
Watch for new information every day!

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  1. Please let someone edit/proofread your articles, otherwise you make a mockery of the refusal to teach reading! The line in “We’re Back!” says “There are lot’s of…” But it should read “There are lots of news…” Use of the apostrophe is just one of the aspects of literacy that is being lost in the US today. And yes, I am a music teacher, not LA. I just like to see things spelled and punctuated correctly!

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