A Defining Moment

Over the course of my time of more than 25 years as a music and arts education advocate, I have seen how our field has been shaped by a series of defining moments – those actions, whether isolated events or sustained efforts that – when looked back on through the lenses of history – have […]

A Trend We Should All Hope Continues

As the 2012/2013 school year comes to a close — as instruments are returned, music archived, graduation ceremonies conducted — and plans for the upcoming year begin to take shape this is always a good time of year to take stock — of where we are, the condition of our programs, our prospects for a […]

My Annual Holiday Gift List for Santa

Ho Ho Ho Everybody! Yes indeed it is that time of year. It is time to find out who has been naughty (and you know who you are!) and who has been nice, who will find a lump of coal in their stocking and who will find something a little more pleasant. It is my […]

Teacher Evaluations in the Arts Are Coming. Are you Ready?

We have all heard the stories… teachers need to be held accountable for student growth. I suspect most people would not disagree with this statement. Where there is plenty of debate and disagreement though is “how?” For subjects like language arts and math where there are statewide assessments to measure student performance the task of […]

My Annual Christmas Wish List for Santa!

It has been a REALLY busy, harried, controversial, challenging year for everyone. And if you are like me I am sure all of you are ready for a well-deserved break. But before mine starts I have one last task to complete… My Annual Christmas Wish List for Santa!  ——————————————————————-

My Testimony before the New Jersey State Board of Education

Testimony of Robert B. Morrison New Jersey Arts Education Partnership for the New Jersey State Board of Education October 5, 2011   Good afternoon. My name is Bob Morrison. I serve as the chair of the New Jersey Arts Education Partnership – the statewide umbrella organization for the visual and performing arts. Our members represent […]

Steve Jobs, Jef Raskin, Apple and Why We Teach the Arts in Our Schools.

I often find myself in front of policy and decision makers discussing the status and condition of arts education in our schools. I have been in front of state boards of education, state legislatures, the Oval Office, the corner office, the principals office, school boards, congressional caucuses, senators and superintendents, principals and four Presidents of […]

Promoting Your Program is No Longer an Option. It’s a Requirement!

Wow… where did the summer go? It feels like just yesterday school was wrapping up. Yet here we are facing the start of the new school year. New hopes. New dreams. New goals for you and your students. It means planning your programs, selecting your music, getting your lesson plans arranged, reviewing your student roster, […]