“Schwarzenegger’s school-arts budget is an opportunity that cannot be squandered”

Today's San Francisco Chronicle weighs in on our side regarding the proposed $100 million reinvestment in arts education for California's public schools. The paper clearly supports the proposal and offers some excellent suggestions to provide accountability and to ensure the funds will be used to build upon and not replace existing funds. EDITORIAL – San […]

The School-Real Estate Values Connection

A colleague of mine, John Pietrowski (who runs Playwrights Theatre of New Jersey and is on our project team for the New Jersey Arts Education Census Project, which is really the next generation of work he pioneered in the state) has often commented in our meetings about the connection between real estate values and quality […]

“Class Act” in the News

Here is the first media coverage on the World Premiere of CLASS ACT. The three documentaries will be making their world premieres. ''We're very excited,'' says Class Act director Sara Sackner, who was still putting the finishing touches on the film last week. “Jay has had such a huge impact on so many Miami people, […]

A Class Act

Over the past year I have had a chance o get to know Heather Winters and Sara Sackner as they weere working on thier new film Class Act. I have come to admire thier work, thier research, thier commitment to telling he story of the plight we face in the music and arts education community. […]

Whay Advocate Now?

I recently wrote an article that was published in the Fractured Atlas Newsletter: The Advocacy Issue. It turnd out pretty wel so I thought I would share a snippet and then provide the link to the full text: Advocate, noun, from Latin advocatus, advocare – to summon or to call. (1) one that pleads the […]

Music Teachers on Strike!

It seems things have gotten a little out of control at Midori and Friends, a non-profit music education organization that provides music instruction in several New York City Public Schools. While not taking sides (other than to say we agree with Midori's comment that this strike is not serving the kids who benefit from this […]

Cuts in Arts Education Risk Leaving Children Behind

For those of you who have followed this blog or my other writings you are well aware of my take on NCLB. The goals and ideals of the law are certainly noble. It is the implementation of the law or misinterpretation of the law that peeves me. It is amazing that so many schools would […]

Jon Corzine from Band President to Governor of New Jersey

A couple of different thought strands come together for me with yesterday’s election of Jon Corzine to be Governor of New Jersey. First, Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has been outspoken in his comments that “ a seat in the state house is worth 100 people on the steps.” The idea here is that we need […]

Corzine VS Forrester: The Arts

OK. I am going to be a HOMER again. From our Friends at ArtPRIDE New Jersey we have the combined responses to an arts questionnaire posed to our two candidates; Jon Corzine and Doug Forrester. Enjoy! 1. Do you support state funding for the arts administered by the NJ State Council on the Arts through […]

Fidelity/McCartney Music Lives – Intentions = Good!

I had a very nice conversation with an executive in the communications office at Fidelity. She was very helpful in both listening to my concerns (one hit wonder?) and then answering some of my skeptical questions. The main points I learned are: Are the partners in it for the long haul? I will admit this […]