A Defining Moment

Over the course of my time of more than 25 years as a music and arts education advocate, I have seen how our field has been shaped by a series of defining moments – those actions, whether isolated events or sustained efforts that – when looked back on through the lenses of history – have […]

Montana Senator Conducts All-State Band

The folks out in Montana really know how to do it! On Friday evening, the Montana All-State Band was under the baton of U.S. Senator Jon Tester. That's right. A sitting U.S. Senator was conducting the band… and enjoying it! Tester rehearsed with the band hours before a performance at the Montana High School Association […]

You CAN Make a Difference

I often use this space to provide advocacy advice and suggest strategies for use in saving, maintaining, and expanding programs for everyone to consider. Not today. Instead, I want to share with you an actual exchange with a band director whose program was in an immediate crisis. Panic Button I was recently on vacation with […]

Don’t Be Silent!

This has been a very busy two months. I have had the distinct pleasure of traveling around the country from coast to coast, visiting with educators and parents, politicians, and policy makers – Senators and Governors, education leaders of all stripes, students and a few activist musicians along the way. Two events during my recent […]

A Music and Arts Education Advocate Runs for President

This morning, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee announced his plans to run for President of the United States. You will know from reading this blog that Governor Huckabee has been an unwavering supporter of music and arts education and has used his position of power and influence to help educate others on the critical role […]

From Hope to Higher Ground

No advocate has had a greater impact on advancing music and arts education over the past decade than Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. No one. He has used his leadership posts as Governor, his chairmanship of both the Education Commission of the States and the National Governors Association as his own “bully pulpit” to promote the […]

The Music in Us All

The calendar has turned to a new school year. All of us have dreams, hopes, and expectations for our programs. All of us look to provide inspiration to our students in the coming year. With that in mind I am offering the following as inspiration to each of you. On Saturday October 7 at 7 […]

The Four C’s of advancing Music Education

Every now and again someone has the crazy idea that I may have something of value to say and asks me to be a part of a panel discussion. As patient readers of this column, you know that I always have plenty to say – whether or not it is of any value is another […]


The San Jose Mercury News weighs in on the arts education funding debate in Calfironia: Arts programs due for cash infusion Mercury News Editorial This weekend and next, Willow Glen High School will perform the musical “Once on This Island'' with a new partner, Children's Musical Theater San Jose. Willow Glen is providing the actors […]