Coming to a Spring Concert Near You: Video Game Music

First, we heard about symphony orchestras performing concerts based on the music of popular video games… now these themes are making their way into music classrooms across the country. Traditionalists may cringe at the thought of video game music… but many of the scores are well done. Of course, it took a while for music […]

Music for All Enters the Wonderful World of Podcasting

I must admit, I was intrigued by the idea the first time I heard of podcasts a little less than a year ago. When Apple brought podcasting to the public’s attention in June I became even more interested in the idea. I do a lot of writing (for this blog, for magazines, for other projects) […]

Happy New Year

We are back… not that we were really away but… we have been busily working on preparations for our upcoming WearBlue: Support School Music campaign, working through the last phases of our New Jersey Arts Education Census Project before we survey all 2400 schools in the state, exploring new technologies to use as tools in […]

The Power of Music

Last night I had the chance to attend “The Power Of Music Awards” benefiting Beth Abraham’s Institute for Music and Neurologic Function… which is a fancy way of saying music therapy. The night was a wonderful event honoring an old friend on his 90th Birthday – Henry Z. Steinway of Steinway and Sons – and […]


Time Magazine featured a story titled "Music and the Mind" in the `Your Time' section of its November 14, 2005 issue. The story focuses on music therapy and the use of music and song for persons with Alzheimer's disease. Time Magazine writer, Christine Gorman, noted that even though a cure has not been found, a […]

How you can help!

Help Wynton Help His Hometown! 
 Jazz great and music education ambassador Wynton Marsalis created the Higher Ground Hurricane Relief Fund – which is managed by the Baton Rouge Community Foundation (since the New Orleans Community Foundation was washed away!) Wynton has been such a steadfast leader as an advocate for music education here is […]

We’re Back!

We are back from Vermont and ready for a full agenda. This week we are launching our WearBlue: Support Music Education campaign, taking on the WhyMusicEd newsletter, opening a new online store, finalizing the survey instrument for the New Jersey Arts Education Census Project, and preparing The Sound of Silence II: The State of Music […]


Time for a break! Off to the mountains of Vermont! Back on 8/15 after the completion of our site upgrade!

Site Upgrade

We are in the process of upgrading our website, newsletter and blog. There will be new updates the week of August 15th. We know you will enjoy the new services we will provide as a result of the upgrade! We appreciate your support!

Battle… Won. The War???

Over the last two weeks advocacy organizations have been rallying to the defense of PBS and funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. On Friday, advocates cheered as the proposed $100 million cutback was restored in Congress. An important battle won. On Sunday, Frank Rich pints out in his New York Times column the advocates […]