The Funniest Political Commentary Ever?

As I was surfing around the net checking out the news I stopped off at the Daily Kos to see how they may be covering the Republican Presidential Debate in Baltimore. I must say I was disappointed by ALL of the coverage, or lack there of, about this gathering of candidates that promised to focus […]

And the winner is….

Our good friends at Americans for the Arts (Thanks, John!) did a poll of their arts education network to see which blogs the community enjoyed visiting. We are humbled by the results that the Blog of Music for All was the Number 1 choice. This was followed by my personal favorite, Andrew Taylor’s The Artful […]

Fun with Holiday News Stories!

We have been busily researching the latest music stories for our readers and the reoccurring theme we have found is: Holiday Stuff! So here are some fun, sometimes sarcastic, always interesting stories to share: Do you hear what I hear? There has been no controversy this year That’s what one New Jersey paper had to […]

Welcome to the season when public school music teachers can never win

Last year at this time Nick Santoro, Arts Supervisor for the South Orange/Maplewood School District found himself at the center of a worldwide controversy. Forced to enforce an unbelievably idiotic holiday concert policy where if an instrumental arrangement is for a song that has words with any potential religious meaning it cannot be performed… even […]

Mathematics for Musicians

One of the blogs I really and enjoy is The Artful Manager. Andrew Taylor continues to present great insights into the work of arts and culture in a very engaging way. Recently, he posted this exceerpt called Mathematics for Musicians. Always one who enjoys a good laugh… I thought it was worth sharing with you. […]

Battle of the Bands – Jersey Style

OK… who would have thought that the descision to vote for one candidate or another in the NJ Governor's race (still going on as I type this) would come down to "who's your favorite rock band?" But, for on enterprising voter.. this was the question as posted on politicsnj "I'm voting around 5:30 p.m. Here […]

Confessions of a college music major

You know the feeling… we have all been there (well… most of us). The distain you feel from the superior gaze that comes from someone after you tell them "I was a music major in college." Like choosing a career path in the arts was some sort of scarlet letter. For me, it was worse. […]

Pay your taxes or face the music (actually drumming) in India

Authorities hire drummers to play at homes that haven't paid From the "Now I have Heard Everything" File: HYDERABAD, India – Tax defaulters in southern India are being forced to face the music after city authorities hired drummers to play non-stop outside their homes until they pay up. After many residents ignored repeated demands to […]